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"We do what is BEST for kids."


Physical Therapy

Are you noticing that your child is struggling with their physical development or motor skills? Perhaps they're having difficulty with physical activities due to an injury, illness, or a health condition causing delays physical challenges. We work with babies all the way up to 18-year-olds. Our team is super friendly and we work closely with families to create personalized treatment plans that help kids reach their full potential.


Speech Therapy

Do you ever have trouble understanding your kiddo? Or do people think they're younger than they actually are because of the way they talk? Maybe're not using as many words as other kids their age? Our Speech Therapy services can help your child overcome any potential feeding, speech, or language development issues they may be facing. For more information on how, click below. 


Feeding / Swallowing

If you've noticed that your child is having difficulty with eating or drinking, such as excessive drooling or chewing food in the front of their mouth, or if they seem tired after eating and are becoming picky with certain foods or textures, it's possible that they may be experiencing feeding problems. While these issues are not uncommon, it's important to address them early on to prevent potential difficulties in the future.

All children, no matter their circumstances, can learn to MOVE STRONG! We are a pediatric physical and speech therapy clinic that treats kids with a variety of childhood diagnoses. As PT's we help kids with developmental delays, muscle weakness, pain, acute athletic injuries, neurological diagnoses and more. We look at ground up biomechanics and even make orthotics in our clinic.  Our Speech Language Pathologists help kids with language and communication difficulties. And,  we have now added feeding therapy to their expertise.

In short, we do what's best for kids!

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